Many employers act to improve the safety of work for their employees in order to prevent them from having accidents. Nevertheless, occasionally  these accidents do happen anyway. In many of those cases, serious injuries can occur that sometimes are permanent and disabling. The most common places where these accidents occur are at the construction sites, work shops and at woodworking facilities. Often also these accidents occur in health care facilities and in homes involving home attendant workers. Accidents even can occur at offices which involve such innocent tasks as a desk computer work, but which may result in hand injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The reasons for an accident are different in each situation, but often workers and employers in each field often make similar mistakes. Lack of observing safety procedures, omission of  rules and negligence result in accidents at work and in occupational diseases.

But even in the most secure places of work accidents do occur and workers also suffer  occupational diseases. The interest of workers in those cases is protected by the Workers Compensation law.

Law guarantees the injured worker replacement wages during her or his inability to work as well as full payment for their medical treatment. We invite you to read articles on the subject of Workers Compensation on our internet website pages.

Attorney Andrew Kaminski represents before the Workers Compensation Board injured workers as well as uninsured employers.