Our daily living procedures  tell us that the best way to avoid auto accident is to observe safety procedures on the road while driving as well as when being a pedestrian crossing the roadway. However, serious accidents do occur anyway and many people are injured.

It is impossible to precisely determine and to fully compensate the damages sustained by the injured in those accidents.. Insurance companies offer many types of required coverage in the interest of protecting the injured. It is mandatory for each driver to carry at least the minimum auto liability insurance when driving. It guarantees then payment of covered medical expenses and compensation for those injured in an accident.

Attorney Andrew Kaminski for many years has handled a multitude of auto accident cases. In year 1974,  when New York State No-Fault law came into existence, attorney Andrew Kaminski was already handling automobile cases for many insurance companies as an independent insurance adjuster.

His invaluable experience gained over the past 40 years as a representative of an Insurance Company and subsequently as a private practice  attorney guarantees that even the most minute detail of one’s case is closely scrutinized by him. Please remember that each case is different and an individual approach and a consultation with one who has previously handled many such similar cases allows for a closer analysis and a choice of picking what is in the best recourse in the interest of a client. 

Attorney Kaminski represents the interests of injured drivers (independent of the percentage of fault attributed to client for the accident), passengers, bicyclists  and pedestrians cases.