In civil cases involving an injury, it is important to quickly and completely identify all of those entities and persons responsible for claimed  injury. Injured persons often do not know how to look to find those institutions or people or how to effect his or her rights under the law. Attorney Andrew Kaminski’s experience allows him to expeditiously find a quick and thorough solution on how to find those responsible and his quick intervention allows him to secure important relevant data about the accident, which often  is important later in litigation.

It is clearly impossible here to name all of the possible types of civil cases that are involved. But if you had an accident, we invite you for a free office consultation, wherein we can advise you on your options that you have available to you. If you are being accused, we will evaluate whether these  accusations have legal basis. We invite you to our office in Greenpoint.

Accidents at Work

Responsible employer undertakers various precautions to eliminate usual causes of an accident  and resulting claims. A failure to properly secure a construction site,  an omission of rules and regulations such as a lack of safety helmets, machine covers or safety equipment often cause serious accidents and lengthy periods of disability. Ignoring safety regulations makes the worker at least partly at fault for an accident  but usually does not relieve the employer from his part of responsibility in possibly creating that hazard.

Accidents occasionally happen even in the safest workplaces. Workers Compensation Law insures that injured workers get their rightful indemnity and medical benefits. Based pon the seriousness and type of sustained injury, a worker can count on compensation that sometimes gives him permanent benefits or a scheduled loss of use award. However, workers compensation does not pay for workers pain and suffering, which can only be obtained from the negligent party through, if applicable, civil litigation.

Injured worker cannot sue his or her employer (with few exceptions) because they receive instead workers compensation. However, the injured worker can pursue the party that caused that accident that is possibly the general contractor, a possible subcontractor or the owner of the building.

Because these types of accident cases are  very complicated, they require cooperative effort of different attorneys with  knowledge of construction and of mechanics. Attorney Andrew Kaminski is working together with firms that have shown great results in their work in those instances.

As such, attorney Andrew Kaminski cooperates with a prestigious law firm of Gregory J. Cannata & Associates to insure that the interests our clients who have civil cases are properly protected.

We invite you to our office in Greenpoint. Our attorneys after getting the facts of your case will be able to tell you whether or not in their opinion you have a viable civil case relating to your accident.

Automobile Accidents

It is It is very difficult to properly evaluate and compensate for damages losses sustained after an auto accident. Insurance Companies are quick to advertise the benefits of their coverage, which are mandatory and entice you to buy extra coverage. The basic coverage allows for minimal payment for an accident when you are at fault. One of the requirements of law is that a motorist must also have No-Fault coverage which guarantees up to  to $ 50,000 in payments to each injured party in insured’s vehicle payment of medical and lost wages. This also pertains to the pedestrian and the bicyclist involved. However, these insurance benefits are very limited and often require looking into underinsured and uninsured portions of one’s auto policy. Attorney Andrew Kaminski’s vast experience allows that he analyzes each aspect of the case and applies specific rules to each different case in order to attain a desired result.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip, trip  and fall accidents occur daily. One can innocently walk on the sidewalk and trip over an uneven slab of the sidewalk disturbed by growing tree root. One can slip on a wet step or entrance entering or exiting a store. The possibilities are endless. In each case, it is important to document the cause of that event. If the matter involves a code violation of uneven length or height of steps, it is then best is to get an engineer expert opinion. Then it is important to ascertain the entity responsible for ownership, maintenance and control of said premises. Sometimes it is a lengthy and difficult process requiring services of a private investigator. In the past, attorney Andrew Kaminski had worked many years an adjuster/investigator handling those types of accidents.