Workers who lost their ability to perform work resulting from an accident or occupational disease after six months of such illness can apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Additionally, the law allows for getting both Social Security Disability benefits and Workers Compensation benefits provided that a combination of both does not exceed 80% of previous average weekly wage.

Rules regarding Social Security benefits are very rigid and requirements for getting them are complex. First of all, the number of quarters worked, age of the applicant and seriousness of the injury or occupational disease are all relevant factors that are considered by the Social Security Administration. The Law office of Andrew Kaminski analyzes these factors and gathers all of the relevant and required documentation and presents it to the Administration’s Claim office for their consideration. Occasionally response is negative or requires additional documentation and proof of claimant’s inability to do any work in the workforce field. Then, our law office appeals that decision and goes in with our client to a hearing before a Judge who makes a decision.

We invite you to our office in Greenpoint to discuss your particular situation so that we can advise you on the requirements and your chance of getting those benefits.