Attorney Andrew Kaminski has over 40 years of overall experience in handling matters involving accidents and insurance.

Born in Poland. He finished St. John’s Prep High School and St. John’s University with academic honors. He represented his class in Student Government t at the University and volunteered in many sports activities. After graduating, he worked for independent insurance adjusting firms, handling thousands of accident cases for many insurance companies. He studied fulltime law at the City University of New York School of Law. In 2001 he was admitted to New Jersey practice of law and in 2002 in New York. He is also admitted to practice in Federal Courts in the Eastern District of New York.

He learned about accident cases first-hand from the field of having investigated all kinds of accidents with actual participants often at the scene of accidents. He interviewed many Police officers, doctors, ambulance attendants and witnesses. For twenty years he worked as an independent insurance adjuster representing various insurance carriers in negotiating settlements. Having gained knowledge of the insurance carrier’s methods of handling cases, attorney Andrew Kaminski decided to first gain a State license of a Licensed Claimant Representative at the New York State Workers Compensation Board, where for years he represented hundreds claimants in that administrative court setting. Since 2002 in New York State, he continued to represent claimants at the Workers’ Compensation Board and also both in the Civil Courts and Criminal courts. He is fluent in the Polish language and understands Russian and Slovak languages. Having no language barrier comes very handy in Courts representing Polish and Slavic clients who do not speak English. One does not realize that often even authorized court translators make mistakes and such a mistake can cause the client to damage or even lose one’s case.

As an attorney who took up many World Trade Center cases, when these cases were unattractive to others, attorney Kaminski helped many of his clients to be also successful in their civil cases which were successfully handled by Law Office of Gregory J. Cannata. Close cooperation for the past 10 years between the law office of Gregory J. Cannnata handling civil litigation and Andrew Kaminski handling workers compensation cases resulted in attaining successful results for our clients.

That close working relationship continues for each client having two cases, civil and workers compensation, so together the Law Office of Gregory Cannata and law office of Andrew Kaminski form a successful team in their respective fields.