When are you eligible for US disability benefits?
Check if you are sick and unable to work. It often happens that suddenly, due to illness, we cannot work and are left with no means of subsistence. We forget that by working professionally, we acquire the privileges of Social Security over time. In crisis health situations, when the disease excludes us from professional life, it is worth checking whether we are entitled to a d More»



Our Mission

Concern for the welfare of each individual client, using our extensive knowledge of many different areas of law, a professional, individual and personal approach to each case while respecting all of the applicable laws, rules and regulations are our guiding principles that reflect all work of the Law Office of Andrew Kaminski, P.C.

We daily represent accident victims before the courts of the states of New York and New Jersey and in federal courts. Our extensive knowledge of different areas of law allows each  of our clients to be able to rely on our legal services. This includes our individual approach in handling of each case, proper preparation of the necessary legal documents, notary public services, legal counseling, as well as a cooperative effort with other reputable law offices in those cases which are complex, intertwined and complicated,  or involve matters of mass tort litigation.

The law office of Andrew Kaminski, P.C. is located in the Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint. As a result, most of our clients are of Polish-American origin. As an ethnic group, Polish-Americans are known for their great work-ethic. Our Polish clients often undertake the most difficult jobs. As an example, we can often see them as experts in the asbestos removal field, working as members of local 78 Asbestos Workers Union. It was their dedication and sacrifice in the clean up work at the WTC after 9/11 attack that especially deserve everyone’s deep and gratitude. However, that also came at a cost of losing much of their health and sometimes for some even their lives. These Polish-Americans also work in the construction field, building of many of the many new buildings of New York City, where most often many of most serious accidents occur.

However, some workers due to their undocumented immigration status are still fearful to exercise their civil rights after an accident. Please remember that even an undocumented person has the same right to file a claim in the Courts as documented individual and their immigration status is not a factor. Even a person not having any documented immigration status can still file a civil case or a workers compensation claim, as applicable.