When are you eligible for US disability benefits?
Check if you are sick and unable to work. It often happens that suddenly, due to illness, we cannot work and are left with no means of subsistence. We forget that by working professionally, we acquire the privileges of Social Security over time. In crisis health situations, when the disease excludes us from professional life, it is worth checking whether we are entitled to a d More»


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Have you been involved in any construction accidents in New York?


If you have experienced a construction accident, look no further. We are here to assist you. Our legal services encompass workers' compensation, car accidents, and Social Security Disability.

Attorney Andrzej Kamiński leads our law firm, and we have successfully represented thousands of clients who have suffered from occupational diseases or were injured on the job.

Our team has extensive experience in Workers' Compensation cases, including the WTC clean-up after the 9/11 attack. We are proud to have won damages of $53,000,000 for 82 workers, including 47 Polish workers, who received compensation and workers' compensation pensions.

We are confident in our abilities and offer a complimentary consultation.

Our 24/7 emergency call center is also at your disposal. Contact us at 973-303-0498 to receive the support you need.